Organic Tuscan Honey


Organic Tuscan honey


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Sapori Mediterranei was born in 1995 thanks to the energy of Donatella who turned a strength and longstanding passion into a job.

The main impulse of this change was the link with Economia di Comunione, an international network that groups together companies of various sectors assigning part of their profits to projects in developing countries.

Currently Sapori Mediterranei works in a organic and certificated way, and produces:

Beach honey

Chestnut honey

Thousand flowers honey

Acacia honey

Royal jelly


Propolis The "Beach" honey is a very distinctive item produced in the Massaciuccoli Park, a protected area of the Tuscan coast. Its aroma, taste and smell are unique due to the essential oils of the mediteranean greenery, in particular the Helichrysum plant.





Donatella and Pietro at work